We at Elite are a passionate, creative group of educators and mentors who are dedicated to high standard of excellence and educational quality

Elite Open School is an accredited private school looking to revolutionize the way students prepare for college in the 21st century.

Elite Open School is dedicated to the highest standards of educational quality and excellence. Educators at EOS believe that learning should not be limited to the school grounds and that education consists of much more than scores and grades. We value instilling a passion for learning in our students, encouraging them to develop their talents and passions so that they may reach their full potential both academically and personally, through the most effective digital and adaptive curriculum to promote the best learning for our students.


Our mission is to provide students with a challenging academic environment that promotes personal growth and discipline, develops the knowledge and skills necessary to unlock their academic potential, and ultimately assists them in gaining admission to the colleges and universities of their choice.


To give students and their families the freedom and support to pursue their dreams without sacrificing quality education.