Powerful High School Experience

Elite Open School’s High School program can give you the edge you need in today’s competitive college admissions landscape and also in the workplace.

From the day you enroll, you will be set on a course that will take you to the cutting edge of 21st century education. Our goal is to help our students succeed in academics, extracurricular activities, and character - three key components that universities emphasize.



Our digital curriculum maintains the rigor of college preparatory courses while providing the flexibility of an online education. In our virtual learning environment, students have access to educational and technical support throughout the year.

Course Catalog

Elite Open School’s High School offers:

  • Year-round courses (core subjects, AP, foreign languages, and electives)
  • Transparency via the gradebook - accessible 24 hours a day
  • Interactive, stimulating, and digital curriculum
  • UC-approved advanced career and elective courses
  • Virtual teacher support
  • Personalized learning for every student

Credit Recovery

Recovery classes are specially designed for students who need to retake a class for credit. All of our classes can be taken for credit recovery.

Classes are presented digitally using direct video learning and interactive teaching methods. Classes are engaging and motivating for all learner types.



College admissions can be daunting to most parents and students. EOS comes alongside our students to offer them holistic and in-depth guidance, including course mapping, study coaching, extracurricular recommendations, and college and career counseling. This comprehensive counseling program is part of what what we call Elite Total Learning Care (eTLC), which is offered at our Learning Resource Centers. So when you enroll with us alongside an LRC, we help you chart a course that will optimize your talents and enhance your academic profile.     


International Students + Bridging

For our international students who need a bridge year into the U.S. educational system, we can help you gain confidence as you make that transition. We have extensive experience helping foreign students gain admission to different boarding schools and universities. In fact, our global network draws upon the collective experience and resources of over 47 branches throughout the world.