Policies and Rules

We at EOS are a passionate, creative group of educators and mentors who are dedicated to high standards of excellence and educational quality. The policies and rules hereunder define what students should know.

Academic Integrity | Transferable Credits | Attendance | Best Practice | Payment | Services | Drop/Withdrawal

Please contact us at 909-444-5587 should you have any questions.

Academic Integrity

All assignments and examinations are the student’s original work. Any student who is found to be plagiarizing work will have their accounts frozen, be subject to investigation and may be expelled from the program. 


Transferable Credits

Students who have completed previous years of schooling in a homeschool environment may still be accepted into Elite Open School. However, only the credits issued or formally accepted by Elite Open School will count toward graduation.



All students are encouraged to work through their courses diligently on each designated day. In case of absence, truancy, or delayed work, students are required to contact EOS as soon as possible. Excessive absence or tardiness is subject to withdrawal from the school.


Best Practice Notice

In order to maintain good work and to ensure satisfactory outcomes, both parents and students should be aware of how much time different courses will take. Before tackling these courses, please take a look at the following approximate course durations:

Core and Electives - 70 to 90 hours (4 to 5hrs/week)

Honors - 90 to 120 hours (5 to 7hrs/week)

AP - 120 hours and above (at least 7hrs/week)

EOS is able to put a hold on a student’s account or recommend meeting more regularly with the mentor or tutor if they find that the student is not making progress.



Tuition and fees must be paid in full in order to begin your class .

  1. Tuition: Full payment should be made prior to enrollment of a student and is required for issuance of the transcript or diploma from EOS (includes registration fee(s)*).

    • late payment fee: $25
  2. Material Fee: Some courses may require extra materials such as textbooks, science tool kits, etc. Please refer to course each course syllabus.
  3. Transcript: You will be sent your transcript (see services page for pricing and premium services) once payment has been received by Elite Open School.

- Check or money order made payable to ELITE OPEN SCHOOL when ordering in person (give to mentor or mail to EOS HQ in Rowland Heights).
- For any other payment options, please indicate it on the request form.

Registration Fees (non-refundable):

Full Time: $150 annual fee

Part Time: $100 one time fee


Service Fees:

Graduation Package:

All graduating seniors are required to purchase a graduation package. For students students taking a gap year, they will be required to purchase transcripts and diplomas separately.

More details

Transcript Fees:

To get a copy of your transcript (unofficial or official), please fill out the transcript request form and send payment to Elite Open School (or give to LRC).

More details

Note: All students (pt/ft) will receive a progress report card at the end of each semester (bi-annual for a yearlong course) for no cost. Please only request a transcript if you need to send to your high school or college to avoid paying fees.

Diploma Fees: 

Diplomas are included in the graduation package for graduating seniors.

For those who need a replacement or for those who took a gap year, click here.


Drop / Withdrawal

Although we are positive our courses will meet and satisfy our customer needs, if, for any reason, a student wants to drop or withdraw from a course, it is recommended that he or she and the parent meet with the mentor to discuss refunds, how it will affect the transcript, and other options (ie. more extensions**, lowering level, etc.).

The mentor should be meeting regularly with the student so he or she will be able to distinguish what a good route would be in terms of enrollment. They will proceed to let the EOS administration know what they have decided to do for the student.

The drop policy will vary based on the Learning Resource Center. It will be outlined in the Student and Parent Policies document that you and the parents signed in the beginning during enrollment.


**the student's mentor will discuss extension policies and other possible options if the student requires more time with their courses.

Students Directly Enrolled in EOS (no LRC)

Refund Policy:

- If the student requests to drop a course between 1-28 days after start date, a 75$ non-refundable fee will be deducted from the tuition refund.
- If the student’s request to drop the course occurs after 28 days no refund/credit is available

+ Summer courses are not eligible for tuition refunds
+ Enrollment/Registration fees are not eligible for refunds