EOS offers the following on top of coursework and mentorship:

Transcripts | Diplomas


Elite Open School has partnered with Parchment to view, order and send your transcripts securely, both digitally and physically. Fees for transcripts requests vary based on what type and quantity of transcripts are ordered, as well as by the means in which they are delivered.

Read the following instructions or download the step-by-step instructions (here), then click on "Order Transcripts" below to get started.


Click on the "Order Transcripts" button and create an account with Parchment!

  • New User Account:

    • Select "I do not have a registration code (provided by my school)" and fill out information

  • Existing User Account:

    • Login to your existing account and fill out the information and press "Consent & Request"


Review your unofficial transcript (for more information on updating see "Unofficial Transcripts" below)


Request your transcripts, pay the fees, check your tracking information (on your account) and you are all set!


Unofficial Transcripts

There is no fee required for obtaining an unofficial transcript. When you create an account, a request for your unofficial transcript will automatically be sent. If you've already taken a course with us, your transcript should show up within 2 days on your dashboard.

If the transcript showing on your account is outdated or contains incorrect information:

  1. Go to your unofficial transcript (Click on image)

  2. At the bottom of the image pop-up, you will see the "Last Updated" date, "Send," and "Update."
    Press "Update" ONCE and your registrar will update your transcript within 2 business days. Make sure to check the last updated date and the content BEFORE sending/requesting an official transcript.

    Note: there will be no notice telling you that the request went through after pressing update. Please wait 2 days before pressing it again or notify your mentor.



Parchment makes it faster and easier to order official transcripts. If you need to physically mail a transcript to your school or if you would like it to be sent virtually, both are options now! All you need to do is order your transcripts, pay the fees, and keep an eye on your tracking information (on your account). 


  1. Make sure your transcript is up-to-date (Update if it is not, see above)

  2. Click on "Send" at the bottom of your unofficial transcript (next to "Update") if the transcript is good to go.

  3. Select school you would like to send your transcript to. If the school is not listed:

    • Input the school or recipient's information and have it physically mailed to the address

    • Input the school or recipient's email address and have it digitally sent (IF allowed).

      • Note for High School: If your school is not listed, please ask your counselor if you can have the official transcript sent digitally to his or her email address.

  4. Add more schools

  5. Pay Fees (listed below)

  6. Keep track of transcripts (under your "ORDER" tab on your parchment account)


Electronic/Digital transcript: $3.95 per transcript

Paper/Mailed transcript: $6.45 per transcript ($3.95 transcript fee + $2.50 shipping fee)

Expedited Shipping (paper only): $28.95 per transcript ($3.75 transcript fee + $25 shipping fee)

Parchment charges PER transcript ordered so make sure you have the correct information for your recipients.

*Prices may change without notice.


If you are just interested in knowing your final grade, you may ask your mentor.


Please complete the diploma request form below. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know if you've successfully completed the form and next steps (ie. how to pay).

  • High School Diploma: $250

  • Replacement Diploma for Alumni: $50

Does not include shipping fees.

Picking Up or Receiving your Diploma:

All diplomas will be ready within 3 weeks after the end of the Spring Semester of the school year.

Please complete the diploma request form below if you would like to receive your diploma by mail or if you need a replacement or an individual diploma.

Picking up:

  • Students (or their parents) may pick up the diploma from their Learning Resource Center or

  • They may pick it up from Elite Open School HQ in Rowland Heights

By mail:

  • Mail student diplomas to home - $10

  • Express delivery for domestic - $25

  • Express delivery for international - $35

The prices listed above are in addition to the regular fee for transcripts