Need to Get Ahead or Catch Up on Your Graduation Requirements?

Elite Open School offers single course enrollments for students who want to take a one or two courses during the school year. This may be to fulfill prerequisites, make up a class, take a class that isn't offered at your school, to boost your gpa, the list goes on!


We offer our full course catalog for part time students and you are given 18 weeks to complete a semester course. If you are interested in taking a full year-long course, this would take approximately 36 weeks to complete (max). Be sure to tell us if you would like to take an accelerated course. For information on what courses we offer, please contact us or your Learning Resource Center directly.


When, Where, How?

As a part time student, you are able to take advantage of our blended learning and mentoring services if you enroll through our Learning Resource Centers. If you'd like to take the course on your own, wherever you are, that is also an option!*

Steps on how to enroll are outlined here under the "Part-Time" section.


* AP courses that require labs (ie. bio) are only available at Learning Resource Centers.

Single Enrollment Tuition


Middle & High School

5 – 12 w/ LRC 5 – 12 w/o LRC

Single course per semester



Single AP course per semester



Some year-long courses (ie. coding) cannot be split by semester. Full year tuition will be applied at enrollment.

Registration & Fees

  • There is a non-refundable registration fee of $100 for part time students.

  • LRCs may have added fees or adjusted tuition costs. Contact your local LRC for more information.

  • Summer course tuition, registration fees & expedited enrollment fees are not eligible for refunds.

Due to changing costs, prices are subject to change without notice. Check here for the latest pricing information