8 weeks (2 week ext. allowed)
June-August 2017

+ times and dates may vary based on location, so please contact your local branch for more information.


Get Ahead. Learn More.

This summer, personalize your education. Pursue your academic passions, retake a class, or explore a completely new course at Elite Open School!

All of our classes are self-paced and designed to fit your summer schedule*. Take EOS classes when you have time, and take a break whenever you need one. You can even take your classes with you on your mobile device!

Students have access to our complete course catalog during the summer. This means that all of our UC-approved college-prep, advanced placement, dual-credit, general-level and elective courses are available all year long. You can take them online from the comfort of your home or with our helpful staff at an LRC.


+ Available for both high school and middle school students. Please contact us for our middle school course offerings.


Contact us or call your local Elite Prep branch
for more information, including tuition information!



The full list of our UC-approved academic and elective courses
that are available all year long (high school core courses).


Find out if there is an Elite Prep Branch you can
take classes and prepare for college at near you!

Summer Program TuitioN

Middle & High School

5 – 12 w/ LRC 5 – 12 w/o LRC

Single course per semester



Single AP course per semester




  • There is a one-time enrollment fee of $100 for part time students (summer too)
  • LRC's may have added fees for tutoring and material costs
  • Summer School tuition is non-refundable
  • If there are any outstanding payments by the end of the year, the student will not be able to request transcripts until their account has been settled. There will also  be a $25 late charge fee applied to the account.

* All semester-long courses require about 90-120 hours of total class time and must be completed within a maximum of 8 weeks (in some cases, a 2-week extension may be possible). In most cases, you must obtain a signed permission form from your school counselor to transfer high school credit to your school.